Remove All Rows Containing Certain Data


Recently I had some data from a website that was poorly formatted, but I needed to get it into a spreadsheet to work with. When I copied the data into the spreadsheet, I needed to removeĀ all of the rows that contained irrelevant information, such as repeated header fields. Other use cases might require you to […]

Use Silk to convert your Excel Files into an interactive online database with visualizations


Do you have an Excel file with information that you would like to publish on the Internet or share with co-workers? Maybe addresses you want to put into a map? A directory of partners and contacts? Or just a gallery of your favorite restaurants? For free? Then you might like Silk. Silk is a data […]

How to Format Numbers as File Sizes

Format Cells with Data Formatting

Have you ever had a list of files with accompanying file sizes that you wanted to use in some sort of calculation such as adding up the file sizes, averaging them, using them in some sort of chart or other calculation? The way we usually read file sizes is with the appropriate size abbreviation such […]

Microsoft Excel for iPhone

Microsoft Excel for iPhone

In today’s increasingly mobile world, it seems like the productivity we have grown to associate with our desktop environments should start to migrate over to our mobile world. The Microsoft Excel app for the iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch appears to bridge this gap. Microsoft Excel for iPhone The Microsoft Excel app allows users to […]

Excel Search Tips

Excel Search Find All

Most programs have a common search shortcut, CTRL+F. This shortcut pops open a search window for you to use in searching through the entire document. Often times, depending on the program, there are specific options. Excel search is no different. Excel Search Tip #1: Find All If you are working with a large set of […]

Four Excel Tips to Increase Productivity


Often times we think we know enough about Excel, or any program for that matter, and get set in our ways while preforming a particular task. Sometimes though, we are scratching our heads looking for an easier way to accomplish some of these tasks than what we have always done. Here are four Excel tips […]

Sum Values In A Month

Sum Month

Sometimes we get data in Excel that makes it somewhat difficult to look at the big picture. For example, you might get a list of transactions with a date and sale price. Let’s say you need to sum values in a month to use in some other analysis. With that example, it isn’t easy to […]

How to Use Solver in Excel

Solver Add-In Menu

Solver is an add-in tool that lets you find solutions to various problems. You can use solver in Excel to run through “what-if” scenarios that might help you determine the best course of action. The “best” answer will be different for each problem, and might include maximizing profits, reducing cost, or producing the bestĀ use of […]

Delete Every Other Row in Excel

VBA Insert Module

Sometimes you will copy and paste data into a worksheet from another file, a web page, or some other source that isn’t formatted the way you want it. Often times there is extra irrelevant data like row numbers or other miscellaneous information that gets added in when you paste the data. If the unneeded data […]