Use Silk to convert your Excel Files into an interactive online database with visualizations


Do you have an Excel file with information that you would like to publish on the Internet or share with co-workers? Maybe addresses you want to put into a map? A directory of partners and contacts? Or just a gallery of your favorite restaurants? For free? Then you might like Silk. Silk is a data […]

How to Use Solver in Excel

Solver Add-In Menu

Solver is an add-in tool that lets you find solutions to various problems. You can use solver in Excel to run through “what-if” scenarios that might help you determine the best course of action. The “best” answer will be different for each problem, and might include maximizing profits, reducing cost, or producing the best use of […]

Goal Seek to Solve A Problem

Microsoft Excel is jam packed with cool useful features that tend to go unused by most users, simply because they don’t know how to use them, or even that they exist.  One of these features is Excel’s Goal Seek tool. First, some background on what it does.  Goal Seek is essentially the answer to every […]

Create and Name a New Worksheet

Say you have a spreadsheet that keeps track of weekly sales information, which you want displayed in a new sheet for each month. You don’t want to copy an “original” worksheet each week, so a macro can help to automate this process. The macro code below will copy the worksheet named “Original”, and place it […]

Run Macro At a Specified Time

Using the Application.OnTime Method will allow you to schedule a macro to be run at a specified time. The specified time can be either after certain amount of time has passed, or at a certain time of day. This is especially useful if you would like a daily or weekly report to be printed, without […]

Run Macro Automatically on Open

Insert your macro code into a module, start with Sub Auto_Open(). Enter whatever commands you wish to have executed on opening the file and end with End Sub. Copy all of the code below. Paste it into your workbook’s Visual Basic editor, in a Module. Replace “Msgbox “Hello” ” with whatever macro commands you wish […]